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Islamic Finance Is On the Rise

In 2018 Thomson Reuters in cooperation with DinarStandard presented the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2018/19, performing a detailed analysis of how all segments of the Islamic economy evolving, including Islamic finance.

The authors say that Islamic finance is the largest and most dynamic (annual growth – 6%) pattern of Halal industry, with its market size being over $2.4 trillion, and $3.8 trillion – by 2023.

What stands behind this burgeoning market and who are the front-runners? What advantages one could enjoy when developing Islamic financial instruments?

These and many more questions will take the center stage at the world economic summit “Russia – Islamic world: KazanSummit”, organized by Tatarstan Investment Development Agency on annual basis in the framework of the Strategic Vision Group “Russia – Islamic world”, chaired by Rustam Minnikhanov, President of Tatarstan. The Group was established by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in 2006.

The event will be held April 24-26, 2019, in Kazan. Register now to secure your place!